Friday, May 28, 2010


10 - rodell_warner-relief IMG_5677


i found out today from the world bank art program that i've been accepted to the exhibition program 'about change' that i submitted work to a call for entries for about a month ago :]

not a lot o details details yet, but im pretty excited. i think the show is in washington so maybe i'll be going there? mind is racing.

i submitted ten photos from a project im still working on that was first called 'new work', then 'relief' and then 'change'. its about costuming. the image of the man in red up there is one of my favs and i planned to be done with the series and showing here by the end of june. we'll see how that goes.

i'm sure i'll have more to report soon. i cant wait till i can show this set in its entirety. i've been at this off and on for months now. i want it to be finished and alive.

brain is goin crazy :]


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