Monday, January 12, 2009

Map of Woodford Square - Completed


i finally finished the woodford map. really happy with the way it turned out and i got some cool detail shots of it. superdocumented.

im grateful to DAVE Williams for recommending me for the job, giving me a chance to work on something cool!
and to RICHARD Rawlins for phototaking while i was working on putting it together last week.':]

so yea.

i'm just gna post a couple photos of it and what i wrote on the description for the flickr set and be on my way.

do enjoy the photos, friend.

as always, click photos to enlarge.


Map Of Woodford Square - Final

Map of Woodford Square - Detail 9

Woodford Square Map Detail

Woodford Square Map Detail 3

Late last year, i was asked by a friend to produce a piece of work for someone he knew that was leaving the country. I could do anything i wanted, the only stipulation being that the piece had to have something to do with Trinidad.

At the time i was sketching the pathways and trees and obstacles in woodford square for an unrelated project that really required no more than sketches and the commission seemed like a great opportunity to do an actual map of the square. The square is of great historical importance and it seemed a fitting subject for a souvenir of sorts.

The images in this set are of the sketches, drawings and final piece. I'm really happy with the way it turned out. I've never made anything like this before and i feel like my recent devotion to experimenting and being less anal about making work in any one way is leading me in the right direction.

For the piece i used cut pieces of linen board, acrylics and ink. The type in the header is of my own design and all buildings and references are accurate representations of the architecture styles and uses of the sites around the square.


Passion Fruit said...

It looks wondeful. Congrats on finishing it...

Tanya said...

This is really beautiful. How big is it? You need to put some more pics or I need to see this in real. It looks like A Lot of work went into it. Nice.

Maarten said...

This is soo Fricking Awesome! I'm coming down CMB next week so I'll bug u about seeing it then