Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Brianna Mc Carthy And Eye

made a little bag for her new camera this past weekend.

we really like how it turned out.

cameras are for recording (remember?) things that are happening. (see?).

they're mechanical eyes (eye) that see in a way we can, but dont notice (spy)

and we made some buttons to go with it.

its to be padded with a re-purposed mouse pad and rocked unapologetically hotly in all its pink and green dreadness.

click photos to enlarge:

Eye Spy - Eye

Eye Spy - Spy

Eye Spy  - Detail

Eye Spy Buttons Detail

Eye Spy Camera Bag And Buttons -  29dec08

we made another bag earlier this year too, experimenting with screen printing, to keep a journal brianna had made for me.

when i'd used up all the pages in the journal, i used it to keep my canon S3.

then a man came into my house while i slept and took my camera. and the bag.

now all i have is photos of it.



and we made a jacket for a journal some time around june or so. this one was a job and the client wanted a portrait on the journal. she planned to use it to chronicle a trip she was taking. i thought it came out pretty cool.


brianna mc carthy and i are going to make a ton of shit this year.
brianna mc carthy and i are going to make a big deal of said shit.
brianna mc carthy and i are going to sell aforementioned shit.

watch this space.

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