Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Define Intervention.

the universe has been talkin to me lately.

tryin hard to be constructive but havin trouble keepin its voice down and no matter what its on about, the sentiment is always the same:
"ey asshole, u dont fuckin know everything, and u'll get nowhere walkin around actin like it."

so im dealin with that

as it applies to work, i need to be better. with photography in particular: you know i dont shoot enough. ive been thinkin i know enough to get what i need but meeting older photographers lately made me realise thats not nearly enough. but nobody hit me or anything, just encouraged me to shoot more. and experiment more. and thats exactly what im going to be doing

practice, practice, practice.

i started: these are photos of anderson's capoeira group (Senzala Capoeira, Trinidad) during a demonstration yesterday. im glad i got to go. on top of getting to see some really talented athletes perform, i got to mess around with filters and shooting manually for a good couple hours.

super valuable.

Capoeira 5

Capoeira 1

Capoeira 2

Capoeira 4

in the shower this morning i thought of a hundred things i wanted to tell you and now i cant remember a thing.

im workin on that website i was supposed to have ready over a month ago and a series of objects/photos that i actually started shooting last year to use as landing images for the site.

its almost ready; i really mean it this time.

i'll let you know.


I Make Eye Candy said...

My ocular fiend with the growing mind, I dig.

Dra said...

:( I like your pictures Dell... even though you don't like me very much...