Monday, August 17, 2009

A Ten

some people are tens.

and them people who is tens does have people writin about them and interviewin them for their womens' style blogs and requestin photos of them for their natural hair blogs and their art & culture blogs and all kindsa things :]

so on sunday, for use in some upcoming features, bri and i spent the morning messin around with the lights and takin some photos of her and i made sure and shot manual the whole time and we got some shots we like and we had some pizza and some fun and everything was alright :]

i'm postin a few of the photos below and after you've checked them out you can head over to patricia granuum's blog, woman of colour, and check out both parts of her interview with brianna.

part one . part two.

take it in and take care


Bri 2

Bri 7

Bri 1

bri 6

Bri 4

Bri 8

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I Make Eye Candy said...

Look meh! I didn't agree at first but I think that third pic is possibly my favourite...