Tuesday, September 8, 2009


'ey. howyuhgoin? I dunno if you heard about this; Alice Yard is celebrating its third anniversary this week and Marlon Darbeau has done a lotta work designing a new identity for the yard including a new wordmark and a friggin typeface if u can believe all that in the last two or three weeks.

for the events happening to commemorate the anniversary, he's also designed three fresh, fresh, fresh vinly posters - huge prints, edition of one - displayed in the space for the duration of the festivities.

in these posters [that i envy], marlon used some of my photography, images of various environments and textures from Alice Yard itself.

you can download hi-res, fit-for-printing pdf versions of these posters here and find a ton of info on free+three and Alice Yard including an event schedule and see the new id at work.

i'll see you around

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