Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Somebody You Might Kinda Recognise But Probably Won't

ey. im showing u this drawin i made. u might think its rel horrible but i love it. its of an actual person from a photo on a magazine cover but u mightn't recognise it cus i din really do all the things u hafta do to make a drawin of a person recognisable. it was kinda outta laziness but also kinda because doing those things woulda really just taken the fun out of it. and i like it better like this, every line was a definite yes.

Lovely Bad Drawing 21SEP09

anyway i forgot how much fun drawin is. just doin it. i was a lil lil bummy when i thought it was done, but it was fun. it was so good! and it was on a lil scrap o paper too, a used page in my book so no pressure. just some music and some sun through the window and some lines for fun.

i'll be drawin a lot more now though.

cant believe i forgot how good and free it could be.

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