Monday, October 12, 2009


hey. i was tellin u, i'm shootin this photo project on saturday i'll definitely be needin your face for.

i'll just post the a couple pics of what im goin for and paste the press release text. oh, and here's a link to the facebook event page.

Closer promo1

Closer promo2


This Saturday, right - the seventeenth - Rodell Warner is shooting a set of photos like the one up there. He's getting about a hundred people, regular people (like us) to put their faces together for the pictures. They're for a free to download online magazine called "Masquereader" that some friends of his are publishing later this month on

I want you to participate.
I think this will be good for you to do. You're already perfect for it, and you might never get the chance to do this kind of thing again. Plus it'll most likely be fun.
Its at the annex at 13 Rust Street, St. Clair (two buildings away from Katalyst) at around four in the afternoon.
It wont be weird or anything. Not bad weird, anyway.

You can see some of Rodell's work on his website:
and on his blog:

See you Saturday.
Not So Fine Print:

-Participants must be at least eighteen years old.
-There's no payment involved. Not to the photographer, not to the
-The photos will be published and might be in an exhibition later
on so there's a standard model release involved. But its nothing
crazy, I don't think you'll mind.

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