Monday, October 5, 2009

The Products of Late Night Texting

" i think anybody can shoot something easy even if its a good idea but there's a certain amount of supporting or pretending in anybody saying they find it interesting or exciting. The only time something is genuinely exciting is when its so out there you would never go there yourself. or its something you've never seen before. cus then, you don't have to care about art or the artist to enjoy it. you enjoy it cus you're human and its genuinely interesting. so i need to take bigger risks and make things that'll make any person's jaw drop or eyes open up. otherwise im just ok and everybody's just being nice to me."

im ignoring the insecurities this highlights, if u can tell, and trying to remember it every moment cus i really believe it. i talk a lotta shit when im sleepy but this one might be worth hangin on to.

im shutting up now. next time u hear from me, i'll have some pictures to show you - no more self promotion. no more soul vomit.

be good.

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