Thursday, July 22, 2010

'Photobooth' Installed @ Bohemia for EAW2010

click flyer image to enlarge.

just like last year - photobooth runnin till the 31st.
pass through!

edit: bohemia is at #33 murray street, woodbrook, obliquely opposite rostant advertising. please see for details on all events, times and locations. -rw


Michaela Rose said...

how do I know where this place is? I've never been to Bohemia so no idea where that is.... a lot of the events for this week are being promoted very quietly-- is this on purpose?

freepaper said...

no, no - no quietness. i should have said. bohemia is at 33 murray street, woodbrook.

there are maps on postcards at all the venues and flyers and posters and facebook and blogs and things. we really tried to get the word out to as many people as possible.

you can check out the eaw blog here:

there's a list of all the events and times. i'll also ask to get a large image of the map put on that blog so ppl can see where everything is before leaving home.

links to the facebook group and other portals are also on that blog.

see u there!