Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wow. Flashback.

I forgot ALL OF THIS.

I was just going through 50million unmarked folders on my drive, looking for an image for work, and found these pictures from an old sketchbook.. i'm now realisin the book was a kinda diary.

its amazing to me right now, that none of the things i was thinking about then as like.. the most important shit in the world are any of the things i'm thinking about now. i forgot everything. and got new 'things'. its like a different person completely and these are only from a year and a half ago. I dont even draw anymore... and i never decided and i barely realised.

Life is so fuckin crazy dread.

A couple years from now, I'll probably forget all the things that are happening now.

Old Sketchbook 9

Old Sketchbook 10

Old Sketchbook 8

Old Sketchbook 7

Old Sketchbook 5

Old Sketchbook 4

Old Sketchbook 3

Old Sketchbook 2

Old Sketchbook 6

Old Sketchbook 1

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