Monday, September 13, 2010

crowns & hearts & teeth & love & shit

i made some t-shirts on the weekend.

they're stenciled by hand
fabric paint on 100% cotton
metallic siver & white on white

i really love them.

if u want one, lemme know, i'll make it for you.

these are medium men's tees. those nice thin v-necks everybody's wearin. im goin to town later to look for a lady-cut version - i hope i find some.

i'm thinkin $150.00



Anonymous said...

these look cool man. i want one-darryn

freepaper said...

thanx dred. i'll make one fuh yuh.

Anonymous said...

I want one. But why my people does always put thing like it free. How much fuh one. I want one on a baby tee. Joking. Make me a medium.

freepaper said...

wham to dave boy - u en see the $150 big and bold awa?? lol

no scn. medium.

B. said...

I want one too. When you get something that fits me or i could give you one of my own. I like the last one more now.

freepaper said...

i thought u might like that one :]


Esteban said...

Yuh couldn't make a size for the non-skinny? A large would help a little....

freepaper said...
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freepaper said...

i can do a large!

i'll msg u.