Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Free Papers & Mad Papers - from Jamrock to T&T

O'neil says in Jamaica, when people get married they say "Yuh free papers bun!" - lol

meanin yuh cant gone do waeva u want - ur now a married man/woman

I was givin him the address of this blog and he say "How yuh blog name so?"

I told him it was about the freeness/low expectations i have for myself when im drawin on some old scrap of paper, and that i'd just made it up.

So as we were on the topic of "papers" and what they mean in our respective countries, i had to ask him if they know bout "Mad Papers" in Jamaica.. he din know what those were so i explained

when a person's certified crazy, you say they have "they mad papers".. or just "he have he papers" so everybody knows 'da fella mad.. doh play up'


trinidad have rel mad ppl tho..
so i figure it only makes sense we'd have verbal shortcuts to explain that.. hahah!

was an interesting exchange. just thought i'd share.


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Anonymous said...

Mad ass thinks this is interesting. You know my papers sign.