Sunday, January 30, 2011

Space Times

Eyy.. so i was knockin about online and came across this work that reminded me of something i did in june/july 2009.

These are six stickers that were posted in the hallway of CMB Advertising as part of the 'Six Pieces In The Hall' project which was an ongoing in-house micro exhibition kinda thing that i met when i started working there in 2008. In six 13"x17" plexiglass displays that were initially intended to showcase the agency's recent or award winning ads, staff were encouraged to find alternative ways to use the space. This would be seen by other members of staff and people coming in to CMB for meetings / to make deliveries etc.

My response was these stickers that read "These are the __________ times." Pens were provided, silently inviting passersby to fill in the blanks. I documented the exchanges in the pictures below:

I also posted a few of these, though without pens, in downtown Port of Spain and Curepe Junction.

All but one were left blank or ripped down - in Curepe Junction it read "These are the Focking times."



Bri said...

Curepe always comes through!
I really liked these.

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