Friday, March 18, 2011

Maker: Self (cont'd)

rodell warner, maker: self - 16MAR11(I)

rodell warner, maker: self - 16MAR11(II)

rodell warner, maker: self - 18MAR11

rodell warner, maker: self - 12MAR11(II)

This project is based on a drawing exercise where you're instructed to look at an object and draw it but not allowed to look at the paper you're drawing on, only at the object.

I'm applying this repeatedly to self portraits in permanent ink: making an un-erasable new image of myself without the ability to judge or edit it.

At the end, looking at the drawing, I'm presented with a new way of seeing myself or another possible me that could not have existed without the loss of control that came from looking away as it was being formed.

I have been trying to apply this technique/idea to life situations. The self-portrait exercise is a visual metaphor or parallel of that.


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