Friday, April 22, 2011

Brianna's Portrait & New Work @ ARC Launch/Exhibition

eyy, so me and brianna made some new images of her last week. the main intention was to make a portrait to use on the arc magazine website as she's this issue's featured artist and you can see the one she chose to go with here.

at one point, in that very angular, symmetrical dress, there was a shot where she looked almost inanimate, and there was what we thought was an interesting similarity between that image and the images of some of her girls so we explored that a bit and i love the pictures that came out. so those are the ones i want to share with you (as usual, click images to enlarge):

arc is launching issue two at alice yard on roberts street this coming wednesday. i'm excited about showing some new work as part of the exhibition and i've got some images in the magazine as well. check this link for details and pass chru if u free. it should be a rel nice night.

see u then,

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