Sunday, May 1, 2011

Low Lives 3 - Trinidad is Offline - 29APR11

Hey. So this is my performance for Low Lives 3, an exhibition of performance works from all over the world curated online by Jorge Rojas where all the performances are streamed live, in succession, via ustream. U can watch below, but will see the entire video frame here.

Video streaming by Ustream
Long idea short - this show is all about internet - less than 17% of Trinidad households are connected to the internet. A live online event - basically nobody in T&T will see you. One way of looking at it is to see the internet is a secret/safe space. I can use it to create and project images that would be considered uncomfortable/unwelcome in Trinidad with little or no consequence because T&T won't see it. This can have many different applications or executions; things that might be considered offensive in Trinidad, confessions, unpopular points of view, even images made simply because they can be, in this space - in this case, the first case, the image of three grown men playing what is typically a young schoolgirls' hand clapping game.

I intend to create/perform/invite other instances of use of this free/secret space with other live events via this ustream channel. Thats the project.

I had a lot of help with this one. Mostly from my brothers, Russell and Jeremy who appeared in the performance / recorded in the video, and from Brianna who assisted with the production and recording and communicating with the organisers during the performance. Jeremy I think cancelled his friday night plans to help (i only settled on the idea and knew i would need him a few hours before) and Brianna made some pictures of us that are rel precious. I dont remember the last time the three of us were in a picture together. So I'm really grateful for these things. Plenty love.

You want my opinion? The thing couldn't have gone better. All I wanted was to make the image of men playing this game, and we did, but there's so much more in there and in the use if this medium that makes it interesting. I've watched it hundred times now. Check out our reference video :] I could talk you to death about this, all the bonuses, but maybe its best if I let you see them. I hope to make other installments of 'Trinidad is Offline' that i feel are valuable in the same way. It can be like a mirror, but not the images you usually get to see, just the ones that exist in quiet or that cant exist outside of this. Im really happy about this. Thanx for watching :]


ps: here's the official 2006 figures on internet penetration in T&T households according to ECLAC. This says 12%. My 'less than 17%' is a more recent figure, but I cant find the source online.

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