Friday, July 8, 2011

Mordern Range _ 01

Eyy. This is a zine i made. A small collection of images i stole, found, played wit, made.

'mordern range' cus im really thinkin abt the range of trinidad/(self) images available to us right now. extreme i find, but not wide at all.

these pictures are ways we presented ourselves or have been presented, for all kindsa reasons, re-purposed here for documentation and mirror vibes and discussion and kicks.

so i wanta give u. i made abt 50 copies last week. if u mail me a self addressed, stamped envelope i'll send u a physical copy. and/or you could download it here. the size is just under 8.5 x x5.5 inches so the envelope would have to be big enough to fit that.

i wanta make more episodes, and with more to chew per shot, but like i say the range not so wide so it might be a while till i feel i find enough gold to make a good one.

tave plenty things i wanta tell u but is pictures so i doh wanta talk too much.
watch the ting na an leh me hush my mout


send a self addressed stamped envelope (here's how to do this) to:

Rodell Warner
P.O. Box 1501
92A Wrightson Road, P.O.S
Trinidad, W.I


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