Thursday, January 12, 2012

Common Room - Opening Night

These images are from the opening night of 'Common Room' at Nirox Projects at Arts on Main on Tuesday. The exhibition is part of my Commonwealth Connections residency programme and also follows my residency exchange at the 12 Decades Hotel at Main Street Life.

The intention of the show is to use these projects to make a kind of snapshot of public-public communication at this moment in Johannesburg. All of the pieces on show - JHB Closer, JHB Cc: Everybody, Tr. 2.0 using JHB dialects, and the Risk zine and performance - all deal with how we're talking to each other in public right now, whether non-verbally on the street, in personal advertisements, in what informmation is shared for free publicly, or in common legal signage and policy, which holds a lot of information on how we see and do ourselves and each other here.

Putting this exhibition together would have been impossible without the help of so many friends and colleagues who were generous with their time, skills and resources, and particularly Molemo Moiloa and Murray Kruger who I can't thank enough for their support and involvement.

For now I'll share pictures from the event and installation views of the work, and detail the individual projects later in subsequent posts.

Photos of opening night by Michael 'Mack' Magagane.

disclaimer at entrance

murray kruger trading risk zine

movement installation for Tr. 2.0


Ayodhya Ouditt said...

excellent. really wish i could be there to see this thing live.

hbynoe said...

Congrats Dell. It looks like you had a great life changing experience there. :)

tickyherb said...

real happy for you.

freepaper said...

thanx, ma friends.