Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Place In The World ! :: Introductory Communication


lovely truth:

i like to draw and paint and take photos and make things but lots of times the things i draw and paint and take photos of and make are meaningless in the world and have no place. but sometimes they mean a lot and fit right in with the world.

im making this place for all of my things and im superfuckingexcited about it.

maybe you'll see something you find interesting!

also, foryourniformation:

the made-up term 'freepaper' has something to do with the super valuable reckless abandon this young man experiences when drawing or writing on crumpled little scraps or dirty bits of paper; pressure-free-paper, guilt-free-paper, possibility-for-disastrous-mistake-free-paper; as opposed to the stiffness or caution with which said young man is likely to approach a large, fresh, epitome-of-expectation-esqe sheet of paper. something to do with confidence. something to do with honesty. for sure.

many things i learned this year. among them is the value of making every 'sheet of paper' free.

you're informed!


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