Sunday, November 2, 2008


new blue sketchbook 1nov08

lotta new things today! (well yesterday, technically)

lucked out at deltex and got this friggin.. bess! lil sketch book. last one. and i was in need. perfect bound; blank on the covers, save for a small uninked letterpressed logo at the back; no annoying endpapers; bright orange bookmark and strong elastic band around it. plus new pens and crap.


then, on the way from deltex i saw this little sign at the edge of a fenced up empty lot that still read 'no parking in front of driveway'. i thought it was cool cus it makes it apparent that there was a house there before, and that there was a driveway and a gate and all that, and a person to paint the sign. it was kinda shakily hand painted. charming in a way.

was around 11am and pretty sunny so i got a chance to mess around with the polarising and uv filters richard lent me. it was pretty cool and i got a couple photos of the sign and lot that i liked.

no parking lot 1nov08

no parking 1nov08

i messed around in the sketchbook too. drew a lazy cat that i know. came out pretty cool. i got that meaningless feeling again after finishing it but i like the drawing. i havent finished determining if a thing like that has any value though; something that i like to look at, but doesnt really mean anything. i dunno. i like it though.

cat doodle - 1nov08


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