Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kings and Queens!


THIS is new king and this is what royalty looks like.

Young King

new king is one of a set of drawings called 'kings and queens' that im working on with ms. brianna mc carthy .

unless the universe fucks us they will become the main elements in a set of dread-o one colour screen printed t-shirts and go on to thoroughly rule all things rulable.

although, probably not as rulably as ms. mc carthy's 'thirty girls' a-girl-a-day drawing project.

mhm :]

see my never-see-come-see html page linkin??


i'm re-learning all that super useful html crap so i can make links and a whole tonna shit like a bawse. and make everything dreader/\,


all da.

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Passion Fruit said...

well arrite!

you're such a n00b with your HTML.