Friday, November 7, 2008

Change King

Change King

so yea.

i've been on this king and queen thing lately. that's change king up there.


and down there? post it kings. y postit queen.

hit the photos to see the entire flickr set / larger sizes


Post-It KingPost-It QueenPost-It Clown


LOLTT said...

These melancholy post it characters are interesting. They seem to be at that precise moment before a tear forms, just before it collects in the corner of the eye - before that liquid become a tear.

freepaper said...

i think its cool that a person (you.. loltt..) can see something in the drawing, that i didnt intend, that you find interesting. cus i means, maybe, musbe, that i can create a thing with no purpose and still you can find meaning or value in it. this is something ive been thinking a lot about lately. im making work with the intention of investigating the relationship.