Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Meaningless Things

on my explaining that my unproductive weekend was depressing and that since i produced nothing noteworthy i had no reason to blog, dave remarked

"so yuh only showin good things.. the little frou frou parts and none of the bad things? in other words, being dishonest?"

and was right. so here we are.

the production of things that had no meaning lead to questions:

if a thing is created wihout meaning / for no specific purpose, can it be valuable?
if yes, how?? if no, why?
meaning = value?
how important is imagination? i.e something that is wonderful that is imagined that has no place in the real world.

the questions led to an idea. an event. details of which i'll have to keep in order for it to work the way it should but on sunday night in a maxi the shittiness of the weekend worked in my favor and showed me how to solve the problem.

the weekend's meaningless work?
(click photos to enlarge / go to flickr set)

a map of a place that is not real and won't be real containing instruments and devices that are just as imaginary:

Map of Ficticious Gallery/Studio/Penitentiary

and a set of faces and numbers from the newspaper that are of no consequence to anything:

Newspaper Faces

what about you?
how are you doing?


Passion Fruit said...

Wouldn't meaning lie in the motivation to create?

:::also, you need to find a way to include a 'bess' option in your reactions section.

freepaper said...

i dunno.. after the thing is created i mean. like that map of the imaginary place.

now that some time has passed since i drew it, i'm glad i did because it reminds me of something that i was thinking of and enjoyed thinking about that i may almost certainly have forgotten if not for having it as a reminder. but immediately after having drawn it this weekend, my reaction to was 'okay.. but whats the fucking point of a map of an imaginary place!?'

and that happens often when something is put in the world and is out of context and without a real purpose.

maybe im too hung up on all things having a purpose.

but if im making a thing with the intention of showing it, i wonder if it will have the ability to be appreciated even without a purpose.

after all, even if the map reminds me of the place i was having a good time imagining, it wont have that meaning to anyone else. so i wonder if it has any value outside of my head.

Passion Fruit said...

Maybe you are too hung up on things having a 'purpose'.
I think, whether you see it or not, what you create has a value and I don't think it can be quantified.

Necessary Haven was an imaginary place within an imaginary place. It's a place that makes your mind (and the minds of others inclined to thinking) grow wings and test limits.

There's a world that's feeding on itself, eating its young, devoid, it appears of real imagination -- the stuff that gives you a "new thing" a new place to engage your mind.

Lewis Carroll's 'Jabberwocky' is half made of words that he made up, he designed them to mean something and his intent was and is not lost.

You create imaginary dreamscapes. Show them to people, tell them to people, express them to people and meaning will exist in the fact that what you create allows for escape, transcendence out time and space and mind --