Monday, November 17, 2008

Mapping Woodford


i'm working on a commission. i kinda get to do whatever i want, the only stipulation being that the piece includes something innately trinidadian. since i was was just waiting for a reason to do a real map of woodford square (i'd done a sketch early last week for a work related thing but wasnt required to do any real mapping) this request came along at the perfect time.

i've never done anything like this before so its fun stumbling around tryna figure out how to kinda simplify / idealise some of the features and deciding what to put in and generally how the thing should look. i want it to look illustrative but not too cartoonish and still sort of like a real map. i spent the little bits of free time between other jobs on the weekend making studies. i havent figured everything out yet but i need to hurry up cus it has to be done by tomorrow so im in for a long night.

here are some preliminaries.

feedback would be great. i need to get more ppl reading this blog.

(click photos to enlarge)






Alicia Milne said...

Very interesting. I would like to see the final product.

freepaper said...

thanx! i'll definitely be posting it.

Passion Fruit said...

I see why you are satisfied with the fence shape.
I quite dig.
I still dig the one with the lettering and the icons for the landmarks is also very effective.

Do the thing!

freepaper said...

guh. i was doing the thing! i was. i am. spent two hrs round the square last night sketching profiles of every building. was there till ten with the darkness and the weirdos. when i got home i 'rested my eyes' though. round 12. bad idea. din get up till 5 to start the final. now i get to rush. moar. ack.