Monday, November 24, 2008

Woodford Update / Love of Dosh

so yea,

map project took / is taking much longer than expected but its cool cus it turns out the deadline wasn't so deadliney after all.

almost done i think. just have to see a man in the morning about a framing solution then figure out how to mount it so all the little cuts i made get light goin through them, label it (cus it IS still spose to be a map) and yea.

so here's what its kinda turnin out to be (click images to enlarge):

Mapping Woodford WIP 1

IMG_4054Mapping Woodford WIP 3

Mapping Woodford WIP 4

Mapping Woodford WIP 2

also, ive been eathing a lot of dosh .



Passion Fruit said...

my boy...this wins completely.

Totally and utterly.

Just in case you didn't get it before.

Total winning-ness.

The colour choices are also impressive.

freepaper said...



i rel mwanta finish it.