Friday, April 24, 2009

Not Dead


i havent been posting anything, but i've been doing a lot.

my memory is horrible.

everytime i come here and realise i havent posted anything in months i wonder what the hell i was doing all that time.
but then i remember i was learning a ton o crap. and though none of it's done, working on a ton o crap.

im working mostly in photos now. i've been learning a lot since last year.

there are a couple of photo projects i might need your help with.

i'll tell you about them. soon.

i think i need to keep working / work more . and be patient . more .

in the mean time though, do check out marlon darbeau's blog -

he's using a portrait in the header that i shot.

also, we shot the promotional packaging for the 12 The Band album that marlon (excellently, excellently!) designed and we're really happy with the way the photos turned out. you should check that out on his blog too.

Marlon's Blog

additionally, confusingly, marlon hired me to photograph the artwork he produced for the album cover and then, after that was printed, the packaging itself. so any photo of the packaging is actually a photo i took of a photo i took of a thing marlon made.


u know what else u can look at? this ad for the summit that featured a photo of mine. it was a good opportunity to try out my new 50mm lens. Ms. Nicole Noel designed the ad, and honestly, u probably cant ask for better than that.

Flowers in the Summit Ad


how are you, though?

me me me me me.

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