Monday, May 11, 2009

Erotic Art Week Posters & Such

'ey. howyuhdoin?

this is some work i just did for Trinidad's first "Erotic Art Week"
hosted by the NoSnow collaborative.

these are posters. they'll also be flyers. i did the photography myself and had art direction from writer/choreographer Dave Williams and riiiight at the end there, a bit of valuable input from graphic designer Marlon Darbeau.

Erotic Art Week Poster One

Erotic Art Week Poster Two

shooting and designing these was fun and i learned a ton o crap but what was really interesting was getting super-polarised reactions about it. people either think the work is totally brilliant or completely irrelevant. i like that, cus either way it opens dialog about what's erotic, which is the point of the whole scene.

so later i shot the printed material in various scenes, one of which has become the header for the event's official site.

Header on Erotic Art Week's Website

feel free to check that website out here and spread the info all over the place. also, i'd like to know what u think of the posters and things so put a comment in the box na? good or bad.

more info on this to come, i think. take care till then.



Passion Fruit said...

I mentioned before:
that toilet tank scene is so seedy and delicious in a way.


dave said...

A big thanks to Rodell for engineering the "seedy" photos that will carry the 1st stage publicity for Erotic Art Week. THANKS.

Alicia Milne said...

Hey Rodell. Tanya gave me a link to the blog. Just dropping you a line. I am submitting work for the Erotic Art Week. Hopefully we might meet up through that? Cheers.