Friday, June 26, 2009

Erotic Art Week | Things Happenin!


rel things happenin!!

rel rel tings!

its erotic art week, right, and a bunch o things i designed are bein used and got printed and hrlpin to make the whole thing feel rell official and im rel excited!

i hadda take some pics of all the collateral when this is over and post.
everything come out rel bad.

ONTOPOTHAT my installation, my contribution for erotic art week which at the last minute replaced an idea i'd been working on for a long time but wasnt really happy with and that got moved from the gallery i was supposed to install at only hours before the opening is going so fuckin well! i didnt expect things to work out like they are and i really feel like im right in the mfddle of something seeeeriously special!

thats a whole other post by itself though.

brianna's exhibiting during erotic art week as well, and ppl reeeally love her stuff. she did a set of drawings, 12 girls, beautiful, ornately dressed with their eyes closed and their mouths open. made for this exhibition! given the context of the event - fuckin brilliant if u ask me. and now shes negotiating several potential buyers for, not one or two pieces, but the entire set. blows my face off, the whole thing.

the other thing is i realised why i dont blog very often. i dont have a website so im really anal about what goes on here cus its basically my portfolio. i got a website so that problem's solved. im setting a date - friday 3rd july to 'launch' it. ive had it for over a month now and i think i was waiting to have work from a project im currently working on that i really care about so i'd feel like i had something defining enough to show, but the EAW installation experience has done that so im just goin ahead.

then! i'll be able to blog any lil shit here which was the point of this blog to begin with!!!!!!!! and detailes of projects and new work can go on the site.


anyting else??

oh! some friends are organising a masked moonwalk! event tonight on the fly. gonna be on carlos street by brooklyn bar tonight round nine and apparently theres goin to be music trucks and tv crews (all this, already, for an idea that fell outta somebody's head at breakfast this morning! fuckin love my life right now.) and im going to be shooting it. haha! should be fun! come na?? bring ppl!


the installation is open until thursday 2nd july at Alice Yard, 80 roberts street. please come by and check it out. Marlon's showing at Alice Yard as well! Jus come. thye whole festival type exhibition thing is crazy! ppl actually walkin around woodbrook goin to different venues, galleries. fuckin crazy. to be a part of it too. insane. ok.

edit: its a "mass" moonwalk, not a "masked moonwalk" . [gak!]


Passion Fruit said...


I guess I on Carlos Street tonight!

freepaper said...

tha was fun!