Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Erotic Art Week


Waaaaaaaaaaay too too too too much happened in the last two weeks, right. and everytime i think about putting it all together in a single blog post, the parts all just seem waaay too big and im repeatedly made aware that its altogether, absolutely impossible.

the details would kill yuh anyway so im stickin to basics and for my own sake, im takin it reaaaal slow.

'work' goes in the basics category :]

mm: these are photos of some of the printed material i designed for erotic art week. super happy with the prints! - when u send them out ur paranoid, when they come back good it rel bess.

Rodell Warner - Erotic Art Week Material

Rodell Warner - EAW Collateral - PostCardIMG_1025

Rodell Warner - EAW Collateral - BrochureIMG_1001

Rodell Warner - EAW Collateral - Misc - IMG_1048

the photos in the pieces are mine as well and the entire project was art directed by Dave Williams - Dave was also the curator of erotic art week and basically lived all of last month with the sole purpose making everything happen splendidly.

the entire event was crazy, honestly - never saw a thing like it. and really i shouldn't start tellin u na, cus i wont stop tellin u.

back to basics:

my contribution to erotic art week was a room with a hand held, user operated remote controlled camera with a lock on the door and a screen down the middle that could be adjusted to hide or reveal anything a participant wanted to.

there weren't any rules.

i think ive figured out recently that the thing that would make me feel most valuable is making work about the identity of the people around me in this place we live in that i believe, like myself, really has no self. the project was meant to be an exploration of our personal (and when the the photos are displayed together, collective) identities, very deliberately in the context of erotic art week.

the responses were incredibly varied. i couldn't have asked for it to go any better than it did. people participated so willingly and often that by all accounts, the installation became an event and an exercise in liberation. even i participated. more than once. the experience was incredible and i learned so much about this place and myself. look:




IMG_0027 1b

IMG_0051 1b

and i had a ton of help from brianna and anderson and marlon and melissa and richard and dave and terry and victor and damian and sean with a ton of things i absolutely could not have done myself that i started typing but had to delete cus it was just too much information. but basically all i did was have the idea and everybody put a generous hand with their respective things-they're-really-good-at to make it happen. which was fucking wonderful and i really appreciate it.

additionally, its only been a few days since closing and richard has already put together the erotic art week issue of draconian switch magazine covering the entire festival, all the venues and events and its available for free download at
you should get it and read it and keep it, its really quite nice. photos from my project are featured as well, along with an interview by tracy hutchings.

ok. i just took a lil break. im back. enoughaboutme.

u download the switch? ton of my favorites are in there. u saw marlon's pillows? brianna's girls?
i love that she didnt change what she does to make work for this event, which was the challenge for all of us who don't consider our work erotic, but really cleverly made something that was an extension of her work that could be considered erotic in the context of the event and brought that topic up. is it or isnt it? one of my favorites, definitely. dave's film. richard's book of late night text messages that i too own a signed copy of that is too cool to not put on the 'coffee table' in my new apartment. (i moved outta belmont, btw.) boodan's rant about prostitutes!?! which i was afraid of! for him. during the thing! because it was so fucking disturbing to people that they stormed out of the spoken word event in the middle of it! crazy. but i accepted later that it was only more valuable for provoking such a strong response about something everyone knows is there but nobody talks about. cheewah's illustrations that honestly make you go 'daise porn, or art?' to the person next to you. more thought provocation. the boscoe holder i would buy twice if i had the money. maybe i'll get another chance when ive made some money.

i probably dont sound too objective right now, most of the work from the event that i cherish as special things and not just some boring art stuff happen to have been made by people i work very closely with and interact with on a daily basis.

i know im not lying about what i value, but i honestly have to wonder how much of the influence of the people around me
is determining what i find valuable. or maybe its the other way around and i have these relationships because i cherish the specialness of the people making the work.

not to get heavy or anything, just something to think about.

k, i think im ramblin now. did i say everything? i have that feeling you have when you leave the house in a rush, that u forgot something inside. i have to tell you about this website im setting up too. and you have to tell me about you. so i dont feel like the only one doing the talking. ok?


Passion Fruit said...

Sometimes "life" gets ahead of us. Just need to find focus.
Good stuff as usual Boy. :]


freepaper said...

:] eeeeeeeeee

Anonymous said...

Just another bunch of perverts. There is no art in self exposure you perverts. Its called paganism. As someone who have some artistic qualities this Erotic art week is pure rubbish. Repent and put your faith in Jesus and stop being perverts. A lot of homosexual and lesbian portraits, You'll need Jesus Christ before you all be thrown into hell.