Monday, December 28, 2009


ey. hello! wanted to show you this.

i've been doing more and more commercial photography work lately, little jobs here and there but im a lil excited about this latest one

just finished last week, shooting a set for the carib carnival campaign and production's been quick so billboards are already starting to pop up featuring the images. this one is near the brewery on the eastern main road, richard sent me a pic of it :]

next'll come press ads and banners and things featuring all the other images. closer to carnival time i guess. and packaging! in trinidad and up the islands too.

feels kinda cool to have some direct input into a big project this time instead o just bein the guy that puts the artwork together. a nice way to end the year.

im lookin forward to more of this.
maybe one day makin pictures'll be all i do in the daytime.


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