Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Showing Off

i want to show off this tumblr i've been keeping called
too much eyes

i was keepin it anonymous so i could feel free, but since i like it so much, its less fun if i cant say its mine and share it.
i post a lot o things i think are excellent there.
including a lot o my own stuff. but its okay if you don't like that.

and i want to show off this unedited stop frame kfc tv ad footage.
dave williams and darren cheewah and junior welsch and me made it.
did u see the finished ads on tv? did u like it? i wonder.

im disappointed. i wont be shooting anything for cmb, this ad agency i work for, anymore.
i was expecting to be shooting a lot more for cmb projects.

i guess somebody thought i was shit.
its disheartening, and a genuine loss of some great opportunities.
and money.

but im sayin 'fuck it'

i plan on bein too fucking excellent this year.
in no time, the loss'll be minor.

i've been working on a project for an upcoming show on and off for the last couple months. i think the photos are the best i've made and i want to show them. i dont want to wait for the show. but slappin things up on the internet is such a thin, nasty way of introducing something you put a lot of effort into.

on the other hand, i've been looking at them and thinking about them for so long now, im already bored and on to the next thing. by the time the show rolls around, im sure they'll still be relevant, but i'll not be nearly as excited about them as i was two months ago.

this bloggin thing is double edged. if i dont blog, i might think its because there's nothing to blog - i feel like i havent done anything noteworthy in a while and there's the ridiculous fear that i'll become invisible. if i do blog, i feel like the work posted got wasted, especially if it hasn't had some real, honest reception in the real world (putting your name on something and sticking your neck out) - just the cheap, fickle internet. that lies.

double edged also because while sometimes getting feedback seems absolutely valuable and advisable, it can also sometimes prove to be a very bad idea, inviting random (often unsubstantiated) opinions from the internet when there's no shortage of the useful kind off of it. its really very much about wanting to be seen though. and known as someone wonderful. and valuable. showing off, basically.
not that that's horrible.
but i think the publicness of the blogging thing is harmful. for me, at least.

better cool myself and do some work. and hush up.

well no. hushin up is bad. u dont figure anything out.

what i mean is, forgive the rant.

i feel better though. so now, all i want is to tell you that i've been taking some pictures of 3-canal's upcoming production 'Jam-IT'. I think the show is going to be amazing. honestly. and the pictures are going to be in the upcoming issue of draconian switch, which is going to be in a new format. and i'll be posting as soon as that comes out. there's some other things im working on that when they come out, i hope will be excellent and make me think that im excellent, and you. its all anybody wants. but only if it actually is excellent.

i might erase this?

take care.

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