Sunday, February 21, 2010

3Canal - Jam-IT! Photos

baby. i want to show you some pictures.

remember i told u i was hangin around the 3Canal 'Jam-IT!' production a lil while ago? well, i had a lot of day job/work-work to do, so i didn't get to do it nearly as much as i wanted to but i did get to make it to a handful of rehearsals and one of the video sessions. thousands of pictures - a few dozen i really like.

3 Canal - JAM-IT 3

3 Canal - JAM-IT 5

3 Canal - JAM-IT 1

3Canal - JAM-IT IMG_7177b

3 Canal - JAM-IT 10

laziness. sorting thousands of pictures - oh-geed! but i have a lot more to upload to the flickr set so i can share them with the cast and everybody. and you! so as soon as i do i'll let you know.

i have to tell u tho. i think the group is brilliant. what i wanted to do when i decided to do this, i didn't do. nowhere close. i hope you enjoy the pictures anyway. i can tell you i definitely learned a lot. about pictures but more about making things from being around the people involved. and about me and things i need to jump in to.

i think the 3Canal show is really important. i think a lot of the things that make trinidad special get taken by some really bright people who are really passionate about them and passionate about trinidad, as corny as that might sound, and put together to say something anybody can look at and understand and really feel and be affected by. i find that rel groovy.

all the things i know as 'trinidad things' like cannival and soca music that people talk about as really powerful things in a way i never really understood.. i really got to see those things regarded and used as very real, very familiar things and sorta evolved and put together in a real 2010, excellent kinda way to make something really very potent. but without bein heavy and nasty like a lot of art/ists can be. plenty pongin and movin and dancin and talkin and laughin. very familiar feeling.

i really understand something now.

i really didn't get it before.

when i shoot this next year, its really going to be something more. and thats not a promise or anything. its kind of an apology. and a challenge. but i know what to do now. in a way. im trinidadian too. i've been realisin that more and more for the last year. and especially after this carnival. i have all those tools to use too, and the instincts. i have the same powers.

i feel very powerful.



EDIT: Photos and videos uploaded to my JAM-IT! Flickr set. Check out the link below:

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