Tuesday, March 2, 2010


A photo in 'Span'

a photo i had the opportunity to shoot in october of last year just got a second, more tangible life. its of chris cozier and richard rawlins being interviewed by darryn boodan for his critical space film and its been printed to accompany an article written by cozier in the book "Paramaribo Span, Contemporary Art in Suriname" (KIT) of which he is also co-editor.

Cozier Studio 3

its very cool to have this to my credit, and i have chris and richard to thank for it :]

the book itself is actually rel cool. kind of a defining statement. 'there's contemporary art in suriname. this is what it looks like.' things like that are valuable. and they only get more valuable as time passes and things change.

as a continuation of their work with the artists in paramaribo, a special issue of draconian switch is in the works featuring material gathered during their recent trip to suriname and interactions with the people there. so thats something cool to look out for.

also of note: chris' 'tropical night' is currently on show in afro modern at the tate, liverpool.


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