Thursday, October 21, 2010

Website Update! HTML Confidence!

Ey. So i updated


I've included new images from 'Closer', 'Photobooth', 'Cc: Everybody' and 'Jam-IT!' so there's new/more stuff to look at.

And i feel it better represents what im about now, so i'll be confidently givin ppl the address when i'm about.


I also joined this Creative Caribbean Network today.

Look muh profile:

If u's a caribbean creative, join up. And add meh.

Something else i's spose to tell yuh...



I basically built the site myself with this web application called INDEXHIBIT and a lil help from Anderson and a LOTTA help from the forum! and my lovin internet.

If u willin to get ur hands dirty, i fully recomend it. And u can do a lot more with it than i did depending on how many HTML tutorials u cram / frustrated u willin to get. And its free. All u need is web hosting.

Ok. This post feels disjointed and like i still forget something..

but i'm allowed i'm on vacation!

"what day of the week is it?"

Take care!


hbynoe said...

the website is great. tons of really moving work.


freepaper said...

thanx holly.