Saturday, November 13, 2010

New Post

jesus this blog is so boring

feels like "hi *more information from me about me*"
which is exactly it's point.

which is my point.

have to solve.


the information:

i'll be participating in Joy Wai Gallery's inaugural exhibition "Whose Self-Portrait? The Subject Behind the Camera" in December in New York City. The show opens on the 16th and runs until January 31st. I will be showing two images from "Photobooth" which is a project made of self-portraits. One of the images is my self-portrait.

i'll also be participating in Animae Caribé 2010 which runs from the 25th to 27th of this month, November. they'll be screening my animated short "Fifty Second fight Scene - by Maureen"

also, as of december, i'll be working as 'junior creative director' at a small advertising agency in town, from my home studio, and no longer at cmb. im excited abt it. anxious too though. mostly to prove, probably mostly to me, that i can be excellent at it. so the suspense is kinda killin me right now - i just wanta jump in. side effect is that im sure i look like i just cant wait to get outta cmb. which, without exaggerating, is really like home.

and home - i moved recently. back to town.

and a bunch o other things. changing.

future seems suddenly closer.


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