Saturday, October 22, 2011


In Port of Spain and in the towns going east, and around, the only information we share publicly and is given for free and is made part of our visual environment is advertising and religious material.

Messages are personally, individually given to people occasionally during advertising 'activations' by private companies and daily by people of various faiths through the use of 'tracts' - small, pamphlet-type informational things intended to share ideas - handed out around town in places with a lot of pedestrian Tr.affic.

To introduce and share another kind of information with the people walking around town I made some tracts and with the help of some friends, distributed them in Woodford Square yesterday afternoon.

This first set of Tr.acts - three different ones, each printed on its own colour fluorescent paper - shares ideas from thinkers and writers from all over the world and from different periods over the last few centuries, basically about what it means to be human and about living. The information is 'quotes' from these thinkers and writers but carefully translated from their original forms, which feel foreign to me or like they require Tr.anslation before I can relate the ideas in them to my life in Tr.inindad, into trini dialect.

I did this with Kwasi Shade and Brianna McCarthy volunteering their time and attention to help share, and, to keep it short, we got into all kinds of discussions with people from all walks, everybody passionately sharing their own Tr.uths and talking about these fellas' ideas, which was really valuable. Together we shared about three hundred pieces.

I'm posting some related images below and also making the Tr.acts available as downloadable pdf's for you - laid out, ready to print and photocopy, 3-up on a letter size page with crop marks so you can easily produce and share them too.

I will do this again with new Tr.acts in the future, probably around February. This weekend I'm leaving for a three month residency in South Africa. This action was a really beautiful note to leave on.


Download: TR.ACT 1 (Tzu, Kaufman, Dostoyevsky) || TR.ACT 2 (Boyd, Eco, Rochefoucauld) || TR.ACT 3 (Fromm, Levi, Frankl)



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