Saturday, March 31, 2012

some snaps i took while making the risk zine & performance elements, first at anstey's building, downtown jhb, then at the 12 decades art hotel in jeppestown, then making 'cc:everybody' signs in my room at 12 decades and finally at the nirox projects space and installing there for the show. missing now the feeling of temporarily knowing exactly what my purpose is. but i have some ideas for two projects that im excited about. photo projects, surprisingly. so i will document these joburg works here, and move to that newer purpose. in a conversation this afternoon, a friend said 'i dont know what the purpose of art IS.. other than to make a living..'. we discussed the value of the more journalistic elements of the things we're excited about making lately, and resolved to start presenting things more as journalism than as 'art'. here. to be useful in the ways that we want to be. ++

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