Saturday, March 31, 2012

some shots from december in johannesburg to communicate to home: "the show im doing is abt public communication, and these flyers (photo at top), in this style, is the most common way info is passed on the streets in this city.. so the invitations for the show i had printed in that style, though it's an invitation to an event, rather than the familiar use - advertising deals on stuff, traditional healers etc."

i liked that. thought "nice 'appropriation', there..".

another / related attempt at cultural-solution-mash-ups: the felllas who pass these flyers out on the streets give them a little shake as you walk by.. the sudden sound meant to attract your attention.. with the dancers mpho and bonolo we made a performance of passing these invites out using that sound/shake technique, but amplifying it. instead of standing still on the corners as is customary, the dancers were in constant motion, impossible to miss.. and instead of a single quick shake as people passed by.. a constant shake! until ppl either took the flyer or made a massive effort to move away as though unseen/not existing.

with shannon walsh and boban chaldovich, we made video. gna get my hands on that soon and post it here


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