Friday, March 23, 2012

too much fear/order for so little consequence/audience. see how orderly this 'informal' blog/dump got? why? and everything else. how come i started thinking and saying i make photos? i was making all kinds of things before. ive heard a friend say it happens all the time in this place that people become charicatures of themselves. citing sprangalang, a dennis hall character, seeming to eventually become the man. that represents a stopping exploring. a stickin. and that is a death. and for me, this orderly presentation and re-presentation of this repeatable thing, once i had it identified. not a person but a machine. lately i wanta try all kindsa things i have no experience with. this co-inciding with realising there is basically no art here. yea i believe that. sounds blasphemous cus they always repeat how creative and inventive we are. but maybe we only used to be. now we only follow order. like me presenting artist. artist is dead in that way. every youth on the edge of the internet knows it. what matters now a lot is exploration. one way is to indulge in impulses / acknowledge instinct. why not explore writing / music / performance / webshit etc etc. one thing to remember is beautiful trinidad is imaginary. and all it really takes to be something here is to say that you are that something enough times. photographers, writers, radio personalities, politicians. that is how this place works and if u understand that it can be a beautiful thing.

if an artist is, like marshall mcluhan believed, the person who, in all this confusing information clutter, makes situations clear for people, then in this actually media-less imaginary place we really need the services of some good effective artists to help us realise whats goin on with us. and effective must mean with some massive appeal / massive audience. orderly artist wont do it because that practice is not in the national language/culture. so we should explore to find it. santana's pretty good. we dont often get to see us like that. santana x more focused commentary would be really valuable culturally in addition to being entertaining. the way comedy functions as art: chris rock, richard pryor etc. artists should simply be translating the culture into interesting instances of making situations clear. and not necessarily always through one kind of practice/technique. we have so few 'cultural practitioners' / translators, maybe there's a responsibility on each to imagine the purposes of the missing practitioners - people that would explore a particular area but actually dont exist - and become that / perform that function. i saw a ted talk a while ago with a fella who made an entire show of 100 different artists where he invented all the artists' and the work etc. so clearly the art thing is a game like that. but im taking it so seriously/orderly lately and most likely you too. we should play more. anything else is startin to look a little old / irrelevant. even blogger is old now. i can hardly stand this blog/myself talking. i'll end it soon and find more elegant communication. old mcluhan says comedy is accepted easiest. *insert humour*.

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